• Cool Tyvek MInimalist Slim Lifestyle Cash Wallet - Industrial Rugged

The most Compact, Convenient and Durable minimalist wallets

We all like Leather wallets. It's in our nature. But it has always been a problem that leather wallets are thick and bulky. It's uncomfortable in your pocket and looks ugly.

There are many Minimalist wallets on market. They are great approach to slim down your pocket but they also make it difficult to carry cash. And they don't carry enough cards. Some stretch out overtime and become sloppy. They went too far.

aSpark Signature wallets are a great balance between leather wallets and other minimalist wallets. By using ultra thin material Tyvek and elastic band, the material thickness itself is greatly reduced and the extra layers are removed. A bill compartment is a must-have feature to save you from any hassle of folding and unfolding bills. We use a special treatment which gives the wallet a mimic leather grains. It is extremely durable (ever tried to rip apart a mail envelop?). We use a high GSM Tyvek so it does not stretch or wear out overtime like other normal Tyvek wallets.

Our Vision & Promise

Our goal is to build a premium minimal-living lifestyle for Everyone. Minimal Living is not just for Minimalist. It's an attitude. It's a lifestyle that everyone should try. By focusing on things you love and necessarily need, life becomes more meaningful and you'll be happier.

We present you the products we love and use by ourselves. We stand behind our products and belief. If you're not satisfied with your order each and every time, we promise to make it right. We have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that has no time limit to make a claim. Feel free to contact us at cs@asparkliving.com if you have any issues.