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Minimal living

What is Minimal Living?

Minimal living is a Simple, Organized and Focused lifestyle. To be true with yourself is the ultimate goal/state. But to start this path, we need to begin with things around us.



Only take what you really need. Most people are surrounded by things they don’t truly like or need. Many are influenced by overwhelming advertisements or just their own insatiable desires. However, the more things you have, the more distracted your mind will be. Keeping your environment as minimal as possible is a must. Eat or drink as minimal as you need. Don’t let your mind be taken up by those unimportant things and leave no room for true happiness.

Minimal living



Once you get rid of those unnecessary things, it’s much easier to get organized. But to be honest, it’s 21st century. There are just too many things we need to live a modern life! So, we just need to organize them. Start with physical objects: clean your house, go through your backpack, organize your desk. These are the 3 main environments you live with everyday. Then organize your digital files: clean your desktop on your computer, classify projects.

Minimal living



Once your life become simple and organized, you will have a clearer mind so you can start finding out what the most important goal or thing is and focus on it. If you like the nature, go for it and don’t let the tiny unimportant things take your attention away. If you want to learn something, now you have the time.



Now the mind freedom and happiness would be inspired as you’re doing things you truly want and like to do. Minimal living has given me something that I will be forever grateful for: facing the true me. Experience the different life you want to try, Experiment as you like, Make as many friends as you can. Life is full of wonders.


To live a thorough Minimal Living requires great discipline and willpower. It may be boring at first or for the most part (let’s be honest), but once you find the path go inward, you had a little taste of the true happiness/peacefulness/enjoying, then you can’t stop. I was never a minimalist and lived the normal life until one day I’m so tired of dealing with the tiny, messy and unimportant things day to day. I could not find any life meaning in that. I realized I could never be free and enjoy life if I don’t change. I remember the photo of Steve Jobs sitting in a big empty house. I could not get it when I first saw. Now I understand.


Let's take the road together.

MInimal Living

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