Cash vs. Digital payments

As our lives become more digital, the convenience of paying with debit/credit cards or even full digital payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal is taking us away from cash. Shall we abandon the use of cash forever or keep a combination of cash and other payments instead? As we go deeper in this discussion, we found out while it’s convenient to use other payments, cash is still necessary to carry around. Here are 3 reasons why you should always carry cash.


1. In case your cards failed

    There could be many reasons that your cards fail to work. Who knows? Maybe the POS is not working properly. Maybe your credit card company suspects some charges and suspends your cards. You can call the credit card company and find out why, but it could be hours long to figure out. In a specific situation, you just don’t have such time to wait. If you have some cash with you, that would save you tons of trouble and get you out of there.

    2. In case of emergency

      3. Tipping


        It is obvious that even though you don’t need to use cash, carrying cash would help out in many unexpected situations.


        The next question is How Much you need to carry. The short answer is: $200 in total and better in $20s, according to various surveys. Reasons behind that include:

        • Minimum domestic traveling cost.
        • Enough in most situations, like for a week’s grocery.


        To meet such need of carrying both cards and safe cash, we developed a compact wallet that can fit in your front pocket with 10 cards and 10 cash bills.


        However, no matter how surveys show, how people suggest, you need to decide how much to carry based on your own needs. We have various options for you from card holders to money wallet, to even travel wallets.

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