Minimal Living

Cash vs. Digital payments

As our lives become more digital, the convenience of paying with debit/credit cards or even full digital payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal is taking us away from cash. Shall we abandon the use of cash forever or keep a combination of cash and other payments instead? As we go deeper in this discussion, we found out while it’s convenient to use other payments, cash is still necessary to carry around. Here are 3 reasons why you should always carry cash.   1. In case your cards failed There could be many reasons that your cards fail to...

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Minimal Living - A lifestyle everyone can choose

What is Minimal Living? Minimal living is a Simple, Organized and Focused lifestyle. To be true with yourself is the ultimate goal/state. But to start this path, we need to begin with things around us.   1. SIMPLE Only take what you really need. Most people are surrounded by things they don’t truly like or need. Many are influenced by overwhelming advertisements or just their own insatiable desires. However, the more things you have, the more distracted your mind will be. Keeping your environment as minimal as possible is a must. Eat or drink as minimal as you need. Don’t...

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How to choose minimalist wallet?

When searching for the perfect wallet, many consumers are feeling stuck and out of options due to a lack of fashion, functionality, and compactness. As a consumer today, you’re looking for a minimalist, convenient, and fashionable wallet that doesn’t break the bank. You want a wallet that does the job well, with no extra frills, and looks great while doing so. This doesn’t seem that complicated, yet so many wallets just miss the mark. It’s frustrating, we get it. In this article, we will identify the benefits and disadvantages of each type of wallet: traditional, money clip, and card holder....

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